Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moringa and its leaf

Moringa leaves are extremely rich with Vitamins, Minerals and Amino-Acids so crucial for our body. This makes Moringa leaves an ideal safe & natural treatment with wide medicinal uses such as cleansing the body from toxins, strengthening the immune system, support to lactating mothers, Gout and Arthritis supporting treatment and much more.

Obviously Moringa leaves are perfect as natural nutrition supplement carrying most Vitamins, Minerals and Energy our body craves to.

Moringa Oleifera leaf contain:
7 types of Vitamins
6 types of Minerals
18 types of Amino acids
46 types Anti-oxidants
High concentration of Anti-inflammatory materials
Anti-toxins, Anti- tumors, Anti-bacterial & Anti fungal.

Natural Ease Corp in Orange County produce Moringa Max Capsules in GNP certified facility. Please Natural Ease Website for more information.

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