Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moringa Max helps elderly women for optimal health |Vitamin D, Calcium & other nutritions

Vitamin D is actually a precursor hormone - the building block of a powerful steroid hormone in our body called Calctitriol. It is critical to the health of our bones and teeth. Vitamin D also works in our body with other nutrients and hormones to support healthy bone renewal - an onging process of mineralization and demineralization which, when awry, shows up as Rickets in children and Osteomalacia (soft bones) or Osteoporosis ( porous bones) in adults.

D also promotes normal cell growth and differentiation throughout the body, it is a key factor in maintaining hormonal balance and a healthy immune system.

More evidence from studies found links between vitamin D deficiency and obesity, insulin resistance, heart disease, certain cancers, and depression.

Why olderly women are at high risk for vitamin D deficiency ?

1. Skin has less exposure to the sun due to more limited outdoor activities
2. As we age, our bodies lose ability to make vitamin D, thus will lower our calcium absorption rate.
3. People with darker color have harder time to make vitamin D from sun.
4. Vitamin D is missing from food we eat. Only certain kinds of fish and fortified dairy have enough D.

The FDA’s current recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin D for adults over 70 years old is 600 to 800 IU (International Unit) per day, and 400 IU per day for people over 50. But many experts in the field suggest that current recommendations may not be enough for older adults to maintain optimal health, the amount should be doubled.

Where to get enough Vitamin D amount for your body?

1. Allow yourself limited, unprotected sun exposure early in the morning and late in the afternoon.
2. Eat fishes - fatty fish like mackerel and sardines are good sources of vitamin D.
3. Eat Egg yolks if you like.
4. Drink fortified organic milk.
5. Take two top quality Moringa Max capsules per day in the morning.

Moringa is a fast growing, aesthetically pleasing small tree adapted to arid, sandy conditions. Almost every part of the tree is beneficial in some way, and it is very important in areas like India, Africa, Philippines where people have a direct dependence on trees, crops and animals for their livelihood.

Besides its nutritional value, Moringa has an impressive range of medicinal uses also. When you compare 100 grams of dried Moringa leaf with our common fruits, vegetables, milk and yogurt, it has 17 times the Calcium than milk, 17 times Vitamin D than fortified milk, 10 times the Vitamin A than carrots, 15 times the Potassium than banana, 25 times the Iron than spinach, 9 times the Protein than yogurt, 0.5 times the Vitamin C than oranges.

Natural Ease produces Moringa Max capsules with pure Moringa leaf power in USA GMP Certified facility. For adults, you can take two capsules in the morning, and one capsule in the morning for children under 12 years old. This will provide you with your daily Vitamin D needs along with your diet.

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