Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Around the World of Antioxidants - Quercetin A Powerful Antioxidant in Moringa - Benefits of Quercetin

Quercetin is one of the 46 antioxidants found in Moringa leaf. Quercetin can also be found in green vegetable, tea, grape, onion, apple. It is a member of powerful antioxidant flavonoids family.

Our body does not produce Quercetin itself, the only way to absorb Quercetin is through diet or supplements. Many studies have showed that Quercetin have many health benefits to our body.

Here is the top 10 reasons to consider Quercetin rich foods in your diet:

1. Quercetin can naturally reduce blood pressure which is beneficial for diabetes patients.

2. Anti-aging. Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant which works with other antioxidant together to stabilize free radicals and prevent healthy cell damages.

3.Natural energy booster. Quercetin can stay human body up to 16 hours. It is good for average Joes to deal with daily stress.

4. Quercetin helps to boost immune system.

5. Quercetin is natural remedy for eczema. It blocks histamine release in human body.

6.Quercetin acts as agent to kill infection and cancerous cells. It reduces risk of prostate cancer in men.

7.Quercetin has strong anti-inflammatory property. It is good for people with joint pain.

8.Quercetin is a natural treatment for allergy.

9.Quercetin can help to reduce risk of heart disease. It can improve blood circulation.

10. Quercetin is a natural cure for gout.

To guarantee the best absorption of Quercetin, it is better to take Quercetin and Vitamin C together because Quercetin does not dissolve well in water.

Moringa is a native tree to most of tropical countries like India, Thailand, Africa, Philippines. People in the area have been enjoyed the benefits of Moringa for more than two thousands years.

Moringa with 7 times Vitamin C of orange, 17 times Calcium of milk, 10 times Vitamin A of Carrots, 15 times Potassium of bananas, 25 times Iron of Spinach, 9 times of Protein of yogurt, along with protein, minerals, 46 antioxidants and other nutrients, it is the nature’s best Quercetin gift for us.

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