Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moringa Max helps regular Sun screen users for daily Vitamin D needs

More and more we are so afraid of the sun because of skin cancer and skin aging. We put sun block every where we go and any activities we do. Some parents even apply sun screen to children at 6 PM for swimming lessons.

I am not total against using sun screen, but we have gone overboard with our fear of the sun. Sensible exposure to sunlight is really important for our health and well-being. The reason is that our bodies need Vitamin D which is essential for bone strength and other health needs.

There are two forms of vitamin D that are important in humans:
  • Vitamin D2: Ergocalciferol, which comes from plants
  • Vitamin D3: Cholecalciferol, which comes from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) and certain foods

Almost 64% of Americans are unaware that sunscreen hinders the body’s ability to produce Vitamin D. Sunscreen, even at SPF15, blocks more than 90% of the sun’s ray used to produce this vital vitamin.

How much Vitamin D do we need? The FDA recommends daily allowance (RDA) of Vitamin D as following:

  • 200 IU (International Units) per day for children and adult <>
  • 400 IU (International Units) per day for adults > 50 years old.
  • 600 - 800 IU (International Units) per day for the elderly >70 years old.

What are the sources of Vitamin D?
  • The most natural way - exposure to sun light
  • Fortified foods - Milk in the United States is fortified with 10 micrograms (400 IU) of vitamin D per quart.
  • Fatty fish and fish oils.
  • Fresh Moringa leaves or Moringa leaf powder capsules.

Moringa also call Moringa Oleifera or Malunggay in Philippines. It is tree native to many tropical counties like India, Africa, Philippines etc for more than two thousands years. It has been used by locals as foods and medicines. It is true miracle tree and true gift from nature.

When you compare a 100 grams of milk (known for its Vitamin D content) to 100 grams of Moringa, fresh Moringa leaves have 4 times the Vitamin D and dried Moringa leaf power has 17 times the Vitamin D of milk.

The best option for us is to use sunscreen (not at 6 pm) to prevent skin cancer and skin aging and get enough amount of Vitamin D from diet and good quality supplement like Moringa Max.

Natural Ease produces Moringa Max capsules with pure Moringa leaf power in USA GMP Certified facility. For adults, you can take two capsules in the morning, and one capsule in the morning for children under 12 years old. This will provide you with your daily Vitamin D needs.

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